Visit Malaysia 2020 brings out the best of what Malaysia has to offer to the world in a single, event- packed year. The year 2020 holds a special place in the hearts of all Malaysians as we reflect and celebrate all our successes and challenges in transforming a once colonial land, into a thriving, multi- cultural and dynamic country.

Our Visit Malaysia 2020 Logo

The colours blue, red and yellow denote the colours of Jalur Gemilang, the national flag, which is a symbol of unity among the various races in Malaysia. The magnificent rhinoceros hornbill which is found in Peninsular Malaysia and the states of Sabah and Sarawak in Borneo indicates Malaysia as a destination for nature and ecotourism. Bunga Raya or the national flower which is inspired by the Malaysian batik motif, denotes elements of the country’s rich culture and arts. The wild fern below the hibiscus, locally known as “paku pakis liar”, represents the lush tropical greenery in the country and Malaysia’s commitment to nature and environmental conservation.


The tagline which is created specially for Visit Malaysia 2020 is an extension of the widely know tagline, Malaysia Truly Asia.

Design Elements

The style of the logo is inspired by Malaysian Batik. The magnificent rhinoceros hornbill is perched on the left side of the logo. The iconic bird illustrates the unique fauna and eco-adventures that Malaysia has to offer.

A red hibiscus adorns the top right of the logo. In the national language, Bahasa Malaysia, the hibiscus is known as “bunga raya”, loosely translated to “flower of celebration”.

The flowers encapsulates the celebration of cultural diversity in Malaysia. The wild fern below the hibiscus is locally known as “paku pakis”. The edible plant is a favourite among Malaysians of all races, and is apt to represent the unique flavours of Malaysian cuisine.


The main colours blue, red and yellow used in the logo represent the colors of the national flag, Jalur Gemilang. The orange colour illustrates the year-round sunshine Malaysia receives. Lastly, the green colour represents the abundance of nature in Malaysia. The brilliance of these colours is eye- catching, and invites the onlooker to take a closer look.

While Malaysia has previously hosted four Visit Malaysia year since 1990, the upcoming Visit Malaysia 2020 will be held with a renewed vigour and passion. The focus on hornbill, batik, our national flower and the multi-colour theme reflect our desire look deep within, appreciate what we have, and showcase it to the world with pride.

VM2020 Logo – Terms of Use

The interested parties may use the VM2020 logo on any promotional material in such a manner that its distinctiveness and reputation is maintained and shall do nothing which may either lessen the distinctiveness of the mark or which may bring TM’s mark into disrepute.

It is the sole duty of the interested parties to comply with the Laws and Regulations applicable in Malaysia related to their campaign/event. Tourism Malaysia will not be liable for any claims and any violations of any relevant rules and regulations by the interested parties throughout their promotional events and marketing activities.

The logo shall not be used in any event or promotional activities which reflects unfavourably on the good name, goodwill, reputation or image of TM.

Website Features

Malaysia; A country known for its ecotourism destinations, gastronomical paradise, and being the home of sundry festivals of art and culture.

As such, Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (MOTAC) proudly presents Visit Malaysia 2020’s website, a wholesome adventure of creating and developing a digital initiative, to further boost Malaysia as one of the top destinations to visit for both local and international tourists.

We integrate our website with a touch of authenticity, by introducing User Generated Content (UGC) to encourage community engagement. With this in mind, this website’s aspiration is to provide a new path for Malaysia’s tourism industry - A new beginning through digital approach, to strategically blend with the demands of the industry in the foreseeable future.

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Media Kit

A media kit specially designed in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020.

Brand Manual

Download Visit Malaysia 2020’s brand manual for your guidelines and references.

Theme Song

Listen to the official song of Visit Malaysia 2020 and embrace the unique melody of Malaysia.

FAQs About VM2020

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Official Video Visit Malaysia 2020

Produced specially for Visit Malaysia 2020, this energetic video presents a kaleidoscope of the country’s best attractions. It showcases Malaysia’s diverse cultures – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Malaysian Portuguese, Baba Nyonya and the various indigenous and ethnic communities that live together harmoniously, giving the country its unique appeal as a destination that is Truly Asia. Vibrant scenes of the modern, progressive country are intermingled with glimpses of its fabulous beaches, awesome nature, striking landmarks, trendy shopping malls and glorious food. Malaysia is bustling with delightful attractions and experiences; meet the warm and welcoming people, try out the delightful street food or delight in its many adventures. The video’s snippets entice viewers to know more, see more and ultimately, make this their next holiday destination. Simple yet diverse, modern yet brimming with tradition and heritage, the video encapsulates the quintessence of Malaysia charm.

Sharp AQUOS 8K VM2020 video : "DIVERSE"

The wait is over. In conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2020 - Tourism Malaysia and SHARP Electronics (Malaysia) bring to you an award-winning Malaysian film, ‘Truly Aquos 8K, Truly Asia Malaysia’ that captures the intricacy of Malaysia’s sights and sounds.

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Our Partners

The list of Tourism Malaysia’s partners for Visit Malaysia 2020.