Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands
A Chilling Adventure

Deemed as the oldest forest in Malaysia (around 200 million years old), the enchanting Mossy Forest spreads around 914 hectares of green sceneries, located near to the summit of Mount Brinchang, Pahang.

A swampy ride up with a Land Cruiser will bring you 2,031 meters above sea level; the highest drive up on a mountain in Southeast Asia. Along the 20-minute drive, you will be able to set your eyes on one of the most beautiful tea plantations in South East Asia, the Tea Plantation of Sungai Palas.

Enchanting Ecosystem

The journey to reach the destination will be surreal as you will encounter a maleficent-like, enchanted, and mystical forest with thick moss hugging nearly every tree in the forest. The air is often covered by mist and clouds can be seen between the trees, creating a breathtaking and glorious experience of nature. The moist and misty ambience of the forest creates an ideal biotope for moss, ferns, lichens, and orchids, apart from already being a home to various montane faunas that are endemic to the unique environment.

"...indulge yourself in the quiet but fascinating labyrinth of branches and stems intertwining in the huge canopy of trees."

A visit with an experienced local guide is advised, as the forest is enormous and can be testing for inexperienced trekkers. An elevated boardwalk of 200 meters in length just before the peak of Mount Brinchang provides a series of wooden platforms through the forest. The trails are usually challenging, which should bring caution to the visitors even with the presence of rope railings to aid you with your hike.

Make sure to embrace the rich layers of moss, portraying a soft, green appearance to the forest and to indulge yourself in the quiet but fascinating labyrinth of branches and stems intertwining in the huge canopy of trees. At the end of the boardwalk, you will encounter a trail towards Mount Irau, the highest peak of Cameron Highlands. For those who do not fancy a hike up to Mount Irau, you will have to turn back.

Fees and Attire

A cooling adventure of Mossy Forest Cameron Highlands awaits you with a fee of just RM10 for adults for a 200m walk and RM5 for children below 12 years old. The best time to visit is early in the morning.

Make sure to have all the required equipment for trekking and to wear proper clothing as the temperature at the mossy forest is quite low.

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