Sarawak Cultural Village
A Cultural and Heritage Hub

Sarawak Cultural Village spans across a 17-acre land to bring together all the major ethnic groups within the state.

Secluded in the foothills of Mount Santubong, the village is brimming with fascinating tales of Sarawak; featuring replicas of local houses and buildings as well as portraying a comprehensive narration of various cultures and rituals of the Sarawakian tribes.

Promoted as one of the ‘Best Heritage Experience’ spots in Malaysia, the village provides an incredibly thorough insight into the culture, lifestyle, and history of the diverse tribes in the region. Apart from the uniquely interesting architecture one can find here, traditional food, dances, musical instruments, and various types of weaponries are also exhibited throughout the area. The highlight of this ‘living museum’ is its stunning multicultural performances that take place twice a day, performed by award-winning dancers and musicians at the village theatre. If you feel like trying something new, the village also offers you a chance to participate in crafting and agricultural activities such as beadwork making and paddy pounding.

Sarawak Cultural Village features seven major ethnic groups in Sarawak, namely Bidayuh, Iban, Orang Ulu, Chinese, Melanau, Malay, and Penan. Visitors are able to immerse themselves in the hands-on experience of a typical daily life of the tribes.

Unique Houses Showcasing Sarawak’s Magnificent Tribes

Bidayuh Longhouse

Built above the ground and made mostly of bamboo, the longhouse stretches up to 300 feet long and typically houses dozens of families. The main house, known as Barok, shelters young men or the warriors of the tribe and is also recognized as a place for congregation.

Iban Longhouse

A traditional settlement commonly found by rivers or streams, Iban Longhouse is led by headmen referred to as Tuai Rumah. The house features Pua weaving and dangling skulls, unique inheritances from bygone days when head-hunting was a common practice.

Orang Ulu Longhouse

The house is raised several feet on posts and displays stringed musical instruments, Sape and Jatung Utang which will enthral all visitors with their hauntingly beautiful melodies. The houses also showcase intricate body tattoo arts.

Melanau Tall House

The house is an enormous building roofed with sago leaves. As Melanau’s rural activities revolve largely around sago, their exhibitions involve the processing of sago and free tasting of the end products including sago biscuits.

Other houses available here are Penan Hut, Malay house and Chinese farmhouse, all of which are distinctive in their own ways.

That’s not the end of your experience in Sarawak Cultural Village. A wide range of engaging activities and attractions are available across the village, such as Rainforest Music House, exhibiting musical instruments and offering interactive music workshops. as well as a hall named Dewan Legenda, which comprises of a library, information centre, dance studio, and a costume gallery.

Other attractions include multiple gift stalls, an ethnic restaurant serving local delicacies, handicraft shops and Sculpture Park which displays the works of local and international sculptors. Sarawak Cultural Village also hosts Rainforest World Music Festival annually, a huge music and cultural event organised for over three days.

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