Kinabalu Park
A Premium Wildlife Experience in Malaysia’s First World Heritage Site

As the habitat of more than 4500 species of flora and fauna, Kinabalu Park is a pristine land of a grandeur wildlife experience for all nature enthusiasts.

Established as Malaysia’s first World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the park offers a chance for visitors to get in touch with a premium experience of interacting with the endemic and unique creatures of Sabah. The park surrounds the well-known Mount Kinabalu and covers nearly 754 square kilometres of the area, providing a never-ending journey for all!

The park consists of many fun activities to be explored by nature lovers and is also the Centre of Plant Diversity for Southeast Asia. The thick rainforest is also the home for the world’s largest pitcher plant, Nepenthes Rajah. Although the biggest attraction in this area will surely be the towering Mount Kinabalu, there are still lots of other nature-loving activities that you can enjoy if you’re not ready to conquer the highest peak in Malaysia.

"...unique portrayal of the green landscape around the park."


8 different trails await jungle-trekking fanatics, with all trails providing a unique portrayal of the green landscape around the park. The frequently used trail is the Silau Silau Trail, spanning for about 3 kilometres, providing ample exit points if you’re not looking to complete the whole trail.

For beginners, a 2.5-kilometre trail of Mempening Trail is a more preferable choice. For avid trekkers, go on a challenge of Liwagu River Trail, which will take you on an adventure across small streams and narrow ridges. Spanning about 5.6 kilometers, this trail will take about two hours or more to complete.

Poring Hot Springs

What’s more relieving than soaking your muscles in hot natural water after a long trekking in the jungle? Kinabalu Park also offers a relaxing experience of Poring Hot Springs, so drip away and relax in the hot natural sauna.

Fancy a waterfall? Splash around Kipungit Waterfall and Langanan Waterfall, located just about half-a-kilometre away from the entrance of Poring Hot Springs.

"For a memorable experience of indulging yourselves in the beautiful grandeur of nature in Kinabalu Park..."

Wildlife Watching

The Botanical Garden is well-fit for visitors who want to have a relaxing and adventure-less trip. Walk around the beautiful garden and learn about all the rare species that inhabit Kinabalu Park. You are also welcomed to go on a bird-watching experience at the top of Bukit Burung.

Canopy Walkway

For a memorable experience of indulging yourselves in the beautiful grandeur of nature in Kinabalu Park, you are advised to go on the Canopy Walkway. Only a 15-minute hike from the entrance, you will be greeted with a worthwhile scenery of green forestry at the 105-metre walkway.

Butterfly Farm

Sabah’s first butterfly farm which is mainly used for research, education, and preservation of Borneo’s endangered butterfly species will give you a unique experience of appreciating various beautiful species fluttering around you.

Orchid Conservation Centre

If the Botanical Garden is not enough for you, head to the Orchid Conservation Centre, which houses the world’s most expensive orchid (about USD 5,000 per plant). This rare species which takes up to 15 years to bloom is endemic to Kinabalu Park and there are still around 1,200 other species of orchids for you to embrace in the park.

Rafflesia Garden

Sabah is also the home of the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia. As the unique flower is hard to be seen in the wild, your best chance to embrace it is actually at the Rafflesia Garden.

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