Pulau Kukup National Park
A Wonderful Natural Ecosystem of Pulau Kukup National Park

Located in the Southern district of Peninsular Malaysia, Pulau Kukup will leave visitors in awe of its magnificent mangrove ecosystem.

The National Park of Pulau Kukup was established in 1997, as a diligent effort to conserve and protect one of the largest mangrove islands in the world.

Possessing unique ecological characteristics, the uninhabited island tucked in the district of Pontian, Johor also received international recognition by RAMSAR – as a Wetland of International Importance. The island is deemed as a vital refuge for mangrove-associated flora and fauna including some of the rare and threatened species. This dazzling labyrinth of the mangrove island will be a spectacular sight for all visitors as they discover the secret life within this unique ecosystem – aided with the presence of the park’s signage, viewing platforms, and boardwalks.

"...18 true mangrove species are able to grow to their full potential; undisturbed by the interference of human and development."


In this perfect island of mangrove preservation, at least 18 true mangrove species are able to grow to their full potential; undisturbed by the interference of human and modern development. The island is adorned by a wide range of mangrove species, including the tallest in the country: Sonneratia Alba.


The park is also home to beautiful magnificent creatures, with some of them (such as the flat-headed cat) are listed in the IUCN Red List as well as the Bearded Pig, an endemic creature in Johor. Flying Foxes, Smooth Otters, Asian Palm Civet, Mangrove Skinks, Saltwater Crocodile, and Dog-faced Water Snake are amongst the frequent creatures that can also be seen roaming in Pulau Kukup. The park is also an important Bird & Biodiversity Area in Malaysia, being identified as a place with a prevalent significant for the conversation of various rare and globally threatened bird species such as Milky Stork, Chinese Egret, and Lesser Adjutant.

What to Expect Here

Suspension Bridge

The best way to capture the whole diversity of the wetland is to climb a 5-storey suspension bridge in the park – giving a panoramic view of the surroundings. The unique interface of the mangrove island is surely a sight to appreciate when you are standing high above the land.

Bird Watching and Mangrove Tour

Get a chance to watch a rare collection of birds inhabiting the park in person. The park provides a boat service for visitors to take a glimpse of the migratory birds. Tour around with a guide to make sure you unlock the best spot for bird watching. Pulau Kukup also consists of six rivers, where you can wander around in a boat for a closer experience within the mangrove ecosystem.

Walk Through the Arboretum

Visitors can also opt for land exploration of the mangrove forest, by walking inside the Arboretum – a long bridge spanning for about 600 meters.

A Close Up with the Rhizophora Mangle

Snap a photo with the largest mangrove in Peninsular Malaysia – Rhizophora Mangle. It has a trunk diameter of approximately 60 cm and has lived to tell the tale for about a hundred years.

Plant Your Own Mangrove

Join in the effort of preserving mangroves in this reserve. The park provides all visitors a chance to plant their own mangrove trees. Who knows, perhaps your mangrove will be the next Rhizophora Mangle?

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