Gunung Mulu National Park
Explore the 60-Million-Years Worth of Natural Wonders

Gunung Mulu National Park will bring you to a captivating eye-opening legacy of the past.

A place where an abundance treasure of geo-diversity and biodiversity sit before your eyes, raring to give a tantalizing adventure and memorable exploration like never before.

One of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Malaysia, the national park will surely enchant you with its karst formations in its mountainous equatorial rainforest setting – it is also the most studied area of tropical karst in the world. Cited as an outstanding example of the world’s geological history, the national park boasts one of the longest chains of caves in the world, as well as being the home for the Sarawak Chamber – the largest natural underground chamber that is huge enough to fit a total of 40 Boeing 747 airplanes!

If that’s not enough to amaze you, explore the national park’s limestone pinnacles. With the abundance of tropical rainforest in the area, sandstone pinnacles and limestones are able to form through the chain of mountains and caves – consisting of Mount Api, Mount Benerat, Mount Buda, and the dominating Mount Mulu. One of the most well-known sites of the National Park is the Melinau Limestone Formation, portraying its remarkable concentration of caves, a subterranean of huge chambers, and massive flowing underground rivers. Meanwhile, the Garden of Eden showcases one of the world’s finest karst collapse, with its blade-like , sharp pinnacles of limestone; located at Mount Api.

"The cave also exhibits various species of fauna in its ecosystem.."

Deer & Lang Caves

Deer Cave offers a remarkable sight of the world’s largest cave passage (approximately 2 km in length and 90 m high). The cave is known as a former shelter for deer and it currently houses many species of bats. As you cross the path of this cave, you will be led to the aforementioned Garden of Eden and a unique formation of Abraham Lincoln’s profile, guarding the southern entrance of the cave.

The entrance to Lang Cave is just a short walk from Deer Cave. Although relatively small in size, Lang Cave provides an enticing view of rock formations – aided with strategically placed spotlights for you to embrace the stalactites and stalagmites of the cave’s wall. The cave also exhibits various species of fauna in its ecosystem, such as worm larvae, bats, swiftlets, and cave snakes.

"...stroll around the caves with the presence of planks and floating bridges surrounding it."

Clearwater Cave & Cave of the Winds

The Clearwater Cave System is the eight longest caves in the world, and the longest in Asia – measuring about 170 km. The cave is part of a full streaming subterranean river and is accessible via boat. You are able to stroll around the caves with the presence of planks and floating bridges surrounding it. Entrance to the Wind Cave is just a short distance walk from Clearwater Cave. The cave has multiple small and narrow passages, giving way for the cool breeze of wind to be felt by all visitors.

“...the National Park also provides multiple climbing treks...”

Trekking & Skywalk

The wonders of Gunung Mulu National Park do not end only at the wondrous caves. For avid trekkers, the National Park also provides multiple climbing treks such as The Pinnacles Summit Trek, a hike to a wonderful view of Gunung Mulu Pinnacles; The Headhunter’s Trails, a hike to immerse yourself in the culture of the aborigines; and The Gunung Mulu Summit Trek, a challenging climb of Mount Mulu itself. The park also possesses the longest tree-based canopy walkway, spanning for 480 m and elevating for 25 m upon the forest floor.

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