Immerse into the Wonderland of Legoland®

Ever wondered how building your own world would feel like? Revisiting your childhood dream is never a bad time here in Iskandar Puteri, Johor.

Come and trigger your imagination in this 76-acre brick-by-brick themed park. Tons of adventures await you whether it’s on land; in water; or high up in the air; leaving the sky the only limit here in LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort!

The Beginning - LEGOLAND®

You will be served with stunning brick-filled journey to and fro the whole theme park starting from ‘The Beginning’ – LEGOLAND® starter-pack haven with the Mini Market, the Big Shop, and the Brick Shop are all up for grabs including the Café to energize before you begin. Once energized, make your way to LEGO® Technic and have a hands-on experience with your imagination at LEGO® Academy; let LEGO® MINDSTORMS blow your mind as you build your very own robot; venture through LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland for an intergalactic experience; spend away at LEGO® Star Wars™ Outlet and own your own D.I.Y. Millennium Falcon; feast your roaring appetite at Asian Deli; and quench that thirst at Cool Hut with a variety of drinks to choose from.

LEGO® Kingdoms

Visit the LEGO® Kingdoms and embark on a quest in this medieval landmark. Here, the Castle Stage will fill your day with joy through live musicals and staged theatres. You can also burn that adrenaline at the Forestmen’s Hideout where tons of steep climbs, slippery slides, and exhilarating challenges will have you occupied throughout your day. Bring your little ones on a journey with the formidable sorcerer on Merlin’s Challenge and let role-play take charge of your kids on Royal Joust as they steer a ride of honour. Don’t miss out on the valuable goodies from the King’s Market where you can grab yourself Kingdom-themed costumes and souvenirs. And end your stay by feasting away at the King’s Grill offering you to munch on roast chicken, grilled sausages, hot waffles, and refreshing ice-cream just to name a few.

LEGO® City

You could also head downtown to LEGO® City and spend time in a simulation of a real city. Here, you can attend Boating School where you are able to navigate your own Lego Boat around the waters of LEGOLAND®. Hate the water? Then go to the Driving School. You can experience a LEGO®-themed driving school simulation and receive an actual Lego Car License at the end of the class! Even children are not excluded in the intensity of driving as they can attend Junior Driving School where kids can drive their own LEGO® cars. Make sure to visit the Driving School Retail Shop to customize your LEGO® license and take it to the park’s open road. Want a shift from the road? Then bring them to Lego City Airport! Here, flying is a breeze as your mini pilots take to great heights in special LEGO® airplanes. At the Rescue Academy, you can simulate a firefighting drill and it’s all LEGO®-themed!

The Shipyard

Pay a visit to The Shipyard – a playground in the form of a ship, parked at a jetty in the sea – and sweat your worries away. Sit back and relax as you enjoy live action-packed performances of your beloved characters from the NINJAGO® universe at Lego City Stage. Gear up as a ninja yourself at the Stage Shop and grab some trinkets to bring back as memories in LEGOLAND®. Stroll through the park on the chugging LEGOLAND® Express that will bring you across the area without even breaking a sweat. Drop by the Market Restaurant and feast upon your favoured dishes between Asian and Western cooking including roasted chicken, pizza, pasta, chicken rice, salad, fruit cups and many more. Then, top your meal off at the Snack Corner with ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, popcorn, chips, and drinks.


Make your way to LEGO® NINJAGO® World. Here, you can climb aboard the VR (virtual reality) -simulated LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride and aid the Ninja Warriors in defeating their enemies. Next. stop and hop into Sensei’s Shop to own a set of Ninja gear and purchase a variety of merchandise at Wu’s Warehouse. At Zane’s Temple Build, constructing can never be more fun as you assist the Ice Ninja in rebuilding a model of the old NINJAGO® Monastery.

Other Rides in LEGOLAND®

Hop on The Dragon – one of the biggest rides in LEGOLAND® with twists and turns that reach the heights and depths of the castle. For young ones, the Dragon’s Apprentice – a miniature version of The Dragon – gives a less thrilling but utterly fun ride. You can also ride the splashing waves on Aquazone® Wave Racers as your gyrating pods circle the wild waters. Take a ‘spin-tastic’ ride and venture on TECHNIC® Twister, a ride that requires a barf bag on board, just in case. Immerse yourself in the world of LEGO® on the Great LEGO® Race with VR headsets on to set a thrilling plot along your trip as you zip through the mounting rails of LEGOLAND®.

Then, dive into the LEGOLAND® Water Park where your journey continues with an abundance of water rides to choose from including Brick Blaster, Build-A-Raft River, Joker Soaker, Red Rush, Twin Chasers, and many more. If you have extra time to spare, drop by SEA LIFE Malaysia and experience the ocean while witnessing the famous Black Tip Reef Shark and Zebra Shark right under your nose.

Fees and Charges

Ticket prices range from as low as RM74 to RM313 across a variety of packages throughout LEGOLAND® Theme Park, LEGOLAND® Water Park and SEA LIFE Malaysia. End the day by hitting the LEGOLAND® Hotel where you have a variety of themed rooms to choose from.

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