Bohey Dulang
The Peaceful Land of Bohey Dulang

Imagine feasting your eyes on a never-ending panoramic scenery of blue-hued sparkling seawater, mirrored with the clear blue sky, as well as the colossal green lush terrain of the surrounding.

A rare scenery for you to savour when standing on top of the highest peak in Bohey Dulang Island!

The view from the approximately 300-metre high hill promises a serene paradise-like ambience. The hike up will take about 45 minutes; a refreshing journey of 600 m through a flourishing green rainforest – and that is just the beginning of your amusing trip in Bohey Dulang.

The island is part of the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, located in Semporna, Sabah. Spanning for about 313 hectares wide, this island is a magnificent hotspot for newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. The island gives a vibe of a heaven on earth – with its lagoon-like formation created by the flooding of seawater to a crater from the remnants of an ancient volcano.

"...the best feature is the colourful coral reefs situated deep underneath the sea..."

The unique formation of the island enables the sea to be inhabited by various sea creatures – the best feature is the colourful coral reefs situated deep underneath the sea, providing a picturesque view for all divers. The island is the home of the nomadic Bajau Laut tribe or also known as the ‘Sea Gypsies’, with their settlements being the only visible small cottages in the area. With the absence of accommodations on the island, most of the visitors will only take part in a day trip to Bohey Dulang.

What to Expect Here

Snorkeling & Diving

The richness in sea treasures consisting of extensive variety of marine life and lively coral gardens will provide a wholesome adventure for all divers.

So, gear up and grab the chance to swim alongside the unique sea creatures of Bohey Dulang such as the parrotfish, turtles, nudibranchs, and eagle rays.

Giant Clam Nursery

Bohey Dulang is also known for the giant clam hatchery (the Tun Sakaran Marine Research Unit’s Giant Clam and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery), so make sure to pay a visit.

The nursery’s tank area showcases a few endemic species of giant clams. Visitors will get the opportunity to watch them breed.

Create Your Own Album

With the astonishing miraculous scenery all around the island, many world-renowned photographers had made their way to the island to get their best shots.

So, make sure to pose alongside the overwhelming natural wonders of Bohey Dulang or grab a selfie with the Sea Gypsies.

Hiking & Bird Watching

Besides the highly rewarding scenery of the surrounding area, a hike up to the highest peak of Bohey Dulang also brings you to a captivating wildlife adventure – bringing you closer to the rare and uncommon flora and fauna of the island. Along the hike to the peak, make sure to embrace the various species of birds inhabiting the island including hornbills, partridges, babblers, and black-naped fruit doves – a bird paradise for all bird lovers.

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