Putra Mosque
The 'Pink Wonder'

The renowned Putra Mosque; the ‘pink wonder’ of Putrajaya, is a beautiful mosque that combines both Traditional Malay and Middle Eastern architecture.

Completed in September 1999, its structure spans over a portion – 1.37 hectares – of Putrajaya Lake and can accommodate a whopping 15,000 worshippers in total.

Design and Architecture

The granite is coated with a unique rose-tinted hue which gives a desert-pink ambience throughout its design. The attractive design and colour enable the mosque to stand out amidst the suburban terrain. Cengal wood empowers the traditional aspects of the mosque where woodwork of carvings on doors, windows, and panels decorate Putra Mosque with intricate detailing.

Its pink dome integrates Arab-Islamic architecture combined with artsy skills of local craftsmanship inspired by Muslim Persia during the Safavid Dynasty. The beauty of Islam is illustrated throughout the mosque as its 116-metre minaret – being one of the tallest minarets in the region and shaped after Baghdad’s Sheikh Omar Mosque – has five tiers signifying the Five Pillars of Islam.

"...specifically tailored with a mixed element of Malay and Arab settings, providing visitors with a multicultural experience."

Above, a 36-metre diameter main dome stretches upon its roof, surrounded by eight other minor domes topping off the four corners of the structure. Below, you will find the basement whereby its walls were designed to perfection, inspired by Morocco’s King Hassan Mosque.

Named after the first Prime Minister of Malaysia – Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj – this majestic landmark divides itself into three main areas: The Prayer Hall; The Sahn or courtyard; and Public Commodities. They are specifically tailored with a mixed element of Malay and Arab settings, providing visitors with a multicultural experience. To start off, the Prayer Hall has a warm and welcoming touch as its interior design of Persian essence is enhanced with radiant lightings to deliver a spiritual and tranquil sight.

Supporting this holy premise are 12 columns holding up its main dome reaching up as high as 250 feet above ground level. The infamous Sahn – also known as the courtyard – can host up to 5,000 people during congregation and features decorative water ornamentation surrounded by beautifully constructed colonnades for visitors to find shade and cool off from the intense heat.

Multipurpose Functions

Other than catering to spiritual needs, Putra Mosque also provides services for the community. Public spaces are available for the benefit of societies in holding conferences, seminars, symposiums, conventions, and exhibitions.

Kindly Take Note

All visitors of all religions and beliefs are required to cover up (including wearing a headscarf) upon entering the Mosque as a sign of respect.

Where is the Mosque Located?

Due to its flamboyant flare facing Putrajaya Lake, you can barely miss this landmark when passing by Putrajaya, especially when approaching Putra Square and the Malaysian Prime Minister’s office, Perdana Putra.

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