KL Tower
The Soaring Tower of Kuala Lumpur

Standing tall at 421 metres, KL Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks gracing Kuala Lumpur.

Constructed in 1994, this magnificent tower is built atop Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, the oldest gazetted forest reserve in Malaysia that shelters age-old trees as well as floras and faunas indigenous to Malaysia’s tropical climate.

During the construction of the skyscraper, a retaining wall was built around a century-old Jelutong tree, an act to protect nature’s history. This dignifies the tower’s integration of modern architecture with the city’s natural ecosystem.

The architectural design of the tower is based on Islamic architecture, reflecting Malaysia’s vibrant Islamic heritage with Arabic calligraphy, geometric-patterned tiles, and Islamic abstract patterns. In the main lobby of the upper ground level, visitors will be welcomed by a sparkling glass-clad dome, exquisitely crafted and designed in the form of Muqarnas by Iranian craftsmen from Isfahan.

"...offers you a thrilling view of the metropolitan city."

Vantage View

There are 3 options for a vantage view of the city centre to choose from. The indoor Observation Deck, at 276 metres above ground level, offers you a thrilling view of the metropolitan city. 24 metres higher, at 300 metres above ground level, the Sky Deck exhibits a greater vantage point of the city accompanied by the tropical breeze as it is an outdoor attraction.

The Sky Box; panelled with glass facade all around including the floor, is the latest attraction in KL Tower. It gives visitors a panoramic view of the city with a thrilling floating experience. You can also enjoy having dinner at the revolving restaurant - 282 metres above the ground - while soaking up the glittering view of the city.

"Families can indulge in the wonders of nature as well as enjoy various facilities..."

KL Eco Park

Adjacent to the tower, lays the 11,000 sq metres KL Eco Park (formerly known as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve). Founded in 1906, it is the only remaining tropical rainforest in the middle of Kuala Lumpur city centre. It hosts a variety of indigenous trees, herbs, and other tropical floras. Families can indulge in the wonders of nature as well as enjoy various facilities such as playgrounds, campsites, a wooden gazebo, and walking trails. Do not miss the Canopy Walk, an aerial bridge floating at 200 metres above the ground.

Other attractions within KL Tower area are the Mini Zoo, KL Upside Down House and Blue Coral Aquarium. These are some of the offerings for families to enjoy.

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